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Covered by the Leaves

The tree's spell bounding aura caused me to wonder what it would say if it could talk The year had sped by and it was now late November, winter would soon be upon us and surely by now the leaves had all fallen to the ground or been divested away by the wind. Yet as I approached the spot where the tree stood, my eyes were still drawn in its direction.Slowly inching my way within an arm's length to the tree, I found myself standing underneath the largest bough and then I saw it, a rope, with a noose dangling at the end.I no longer wondered about what stories this old tree could tell because without saying a word it had already told me more than I really wanted to know. The tree served only to fan the flames of my employment discontentment.

Let Your Light Shine

Some five or six years ago I had the opportunity to speak at a womens prayer breakfast in my hometown. The theme for that prayer breakfast was Christian Women, Showing Compassion and Making a Difference. In contemplating what I would use for a subject, God gave me the message Let Your Light Shine The message came from Matthew chapter 5 verses 1-15, but the main thought came from verse 14 where Jesus told His disciples you are the light of the world. This book is a direct result of the thoughts that God gave me.

That message was not only for those gathered for the prayer breakfast, but it was for me also. I had found my purpose, which was and still is to be a light, one that shines forth for Jesus Christ.

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Forever Friends: Through Thick and Thin and the End

Death can be compared to a raging storm, for its effects can be just as devastating. While in a storm, you don't know what the outcome will be you just have to wait it out. The same thing applies to the storms of life and death; the outcomes of each ultimately are in Gods hands.